Citizen Four review (2014)

So today I watched the documentary Citizen Four…

Citizen Four recounts the leak of classified information by former CIA employee Edward Snowden, and the journalists who broke the story. The movie starts with Snowden making initial contact with the director, and then ends with him finding asylum in Russia.

Incredbile film about Edward Snowden and the overreaching nature of government surveillance programs post 9/11.

Amazing use of footage, fantastic editing, great soundtrack (it’s just one piece, an eeire sort of drone which is off Nine Inch Nails’ Ghost albums, but it’s used so effectively), enlightening, educational, etc.

This might be one of the best MADE documentaries I have ever seen. The music, the editing, the footage, it is all put together to create this foreboding feeling. It creates this sense of paranoia and dread. It is a real life thriller that you are watching unfold and it is riveting.

Having been a pro-surveillance sort of guy in the past, watching this film only confirmed that I was very wrong on these issues, at least in the context of the States. I still believe that there’s nothing wrong with governemnt surveillance programs in theory. But the overreaching nature of the US’s system as shown by Snowden, the Vault 7 leaks, etc. is a grave threat to liberty and freedom and needs to be reformed.

Overall, this is a fantastic film. Regardless of what you think of Edward Snowden and what he has done, this is an all time great documentary and one that reflects the issues of our time in a stark, unique, and riveting manner. Unabashedly recommended.

10 out of 10.

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