Lover Film Review (2018)

So I just finished watching Lover, the first feature film by Youtube film critic Ralph Sepe Jr, aka Ralph the Movie Maker (

Lover tells the story of Howard, a man who runs into a woman named Delilah (who’s name turns out to be Christina), and they begin to form a bond. Over the course of a year, their relationship takes multiple turns, and secrets are revealed, which lead to people getting hurt.

For someone so young, and for their first feature film with a fairly small budget, this wasn’t half bad. I appreciated alot of what Ralph was trying to do here.

Decent script, decent characters and performances (Victoria Beaudoin was great as Christina), some nice cinematography, okay score, good soundtrack, etc.

Ralph clearly poured alot of passion and time into this movie. Some of the establishing shots and some of the scenes in general, were incredibly professional looking.

However, this is FAR from a perfect movie.

1) Ralph didn’t need to star in his own movie. He was fine enough, but he still couldn’t quite make me believe he was this character. Most of the time, he just looked like and acted like Ralph.

2) The score was prime expample of him drowning in his influences. He really wanted his composer to make something that sounded like Trent and Atticus composed it, and it really showed. Derivative yes, but not completely terrible.

3) A majority of the shots and editing were some stock standard student film bullshit. Black and white, very simple, and most of the time, not that compelling. Some shots looked nice, and certain editing choices were neat, but alot of others were fairly bland.

4) Too short. Ralph needed to add, maybe, 20 more mins (maybe 30) to flesh out his characters and get us to really know and care for them. While he got his point across in 80 mins, he could have really wowed me with 110 mins.

Overall, I give him an A for effort. He clearly has a grasp of film language, but he still has a long way to go. I want to see Ralph grow, and I really wanna see what he can do with a budget, because with time, he’ll knock it out of the park.

6 out of 10, because I like Ralph.

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