Bohemian Rhapsody Film Review (2018)

So I just finished watching another best picture nominee, that being Bohemian Rhapsody…

Bohemian Rhapsody recounts the rise of the legendary rock band Queen. Starting with their humble beginnings in England, their rise to stardom, Freddie Mercury’s short departure from the band and his decline in health, ending with their iconic performance at Live Aid.

Not a bad film. Had my problems with it, but I was thoroughly entertained.

Decent script, good characters and performances (Rami Malek was absolutely electric as Freddie), decent cinematography, fantastic soundtrack (It’s Queen, so what do you expect, really?), etc.

As a tribute to Freddie and the music of Queen, it wasn’t half bad. They showed the band’s rise, and their trials and tribulations, touching on key points along the way, in an engaging manner.

But this movie REEKED of studio interference. Initially this was Sacha Baron Cohen’s project and he was gonna play Freddie, but after clashes with producers and executives over creative choices, they passed the project off to another director. Because of that, the movie was very Hollywood, and changed a bunch of things for the sake of telling a dramatic story.

Song writing moments (Another One Bites the Dust was on the chopping block, and got saved by Michael Jackson, but came off as some eureka moment for the band), Freddie’s time away from Queen, his health decline, etc. These moments all came off as synthetic, cheesy, and not genuine at all.

Overall, despite being cheesy and Hollywood, it was good for what it was and I was entertained. See it if you are a Queen fan, but as a movie person, I would have wanted to have seen Sacha’s vision of this story over this one.

7 out of 10 (a generous 7 honestly).

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