The Favourite Film Review (2018)

So I just got back from seeing one of the fruntrunners for Best Picture, that being The Favourite…

The Favourite tells the story of Queen Anne of England. Amidst declining mental and physical health, two people, Princess Sarah, and a maid named Allison, each try to vie for the attention and favouritism of Anne. After discovering that Sarah and Queen Anne share a sexual relationship, Allison uses this to deceive and blackmail her way into becoming a lady of the house and the Queen’s right hand, stopping Sarah at every track despite her best efforts.

A biting, hilarious, and brilliant satire of the 18th Century English monarchy.

Sharp script, great charaters and performances (Olivia Coleman was absolutely stunning as Queen Anne of England, and Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone were absolutely brilliant as Abigail and Sarah), beautiful cinematography, amazing set design, brilliant score, biting discussion of issues, etc.

Yorgos’s odd quirks and weird anachronisms didn’t quite work in Killing of a Sacred Deer, but here, they blend so seamlessly with the setting of 1700s England. The characters speaking with that very proper and sophistaced vernacular and acting like beings from another world created moments of clever character development and hilarious comedy. The dance hall scene was god damn hilarious.

If I had to knock it, Yorgos used these weird fish eye lens shots that, while neat for some scenes, added nothing to most others and was super distracting.

Overall, as of now, this is Yorgos’s masterpiece, despite the small technical gripe. One of the best of last year, and, god willing, the winner of this year’s Best Picture Oscar. Highly recommended, and I look forward to Yorgos’s next work.

9.5 out of 10

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