Vice Film Review (2018)

Seven down, one to go. Just got back from seeing Vice…

Vice tells the life story of former Vice President Dick Cheney. From his formative years in college, to when he gets a job at the White House working under Donald Rumsfeld, and his gradual rise to power up until his vice presidential terms in office. The film covers his machinations and his schemes to consolidate power in the executive branch of the American Government and his ulterior motives.

This is gonna be a beefy one. Stand back.

A very well made and entertaining, albeit highly flawed, film. What I liked I liked, and what I didn’t was pretty cringe.

Lets start with what I liked. Decent script, great characters and performances (Christian Bale steals the entire show as Dick Cheney, and Sam Rockwell made for an excellent George Bush), some neat editing, good soundtrack, etc.

As a portrait of Dick Cheney, as a character piece, this was an incredibly interesting movie. How this man worked his way into power from the bottom, and used that power to institute changes in the executive branch of government and in American society as a whole that would have major consequences, was truly amazing.

But if there’s one word to describe this movie, it is inconsistent.

1) As a technical experience, it was shoddy. Some parts felt like the Adam Mckay that I liked from The Big Short, and were really entertaining. Other moments felt like a half baked Oliver Stone impersonation. I like Adam Mckay, but this style was not the appropriate one for this story. Further, some of the make up was…spotty. Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, Tyler Perry, and a few others looked like who they were supposed to, others were garbage. Gerry Ford didn’t even look like Gerry Ford, it was shameful.

2) The film was so biased politically. While the film was primarily a character piece, it had this whole undercurrent of liberal bias throughout (especially near the end, where he shouted it out with a megaphone basically) and it really annoyed me.

Overall, this film is quite a mixed bag, but it’s strengths are quite strong, so I am forgiving. Andy Mckay’s style is unique and I very much like it, but this was not the movie for that. A+ for effort and I dig alot of the ideas, but I’m not the biggest fan of the execution.

6.5 out of 10 (A very generous 6.5, mostly to curb inconsistencies in my future worst to best list. It’s closer to a 6, or even a 5.5 on a bad day)

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