Justified Series Review (2010-2015)

So I recently finished watching the series Justified…

Justified chronicles the adventures of US Marshall Raylan Givens, who  transferred to Kentucky from Florida after a shooting lands him in hot water. When he arrives in Kentucky, he must not only deal with his best friend turned notorious outlaw Boyd Crowder, but me must also deal with a whos who of drug runners, mobsters, and other assorted criminals.

Solid little cop how. Had my fun with this.

Decent scripts, great characters and performances (Timothy Olyphant was really good as US Marshall Raylan Givens, Walton Goggins was a delight as usual as the charasmatic Boyd Crowder, and a great rogues gallery of villains portrayed by Neal McDonough, Sam Elliot, Jere Burns, Michael Rappaport, and others), nice score, etc.

It maintained my interest for six seasons, and, aside from a typical first season slump, it was consistent in quality. They did alright. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, the villains were top notch. Sam Elliot and Neal McDonough especially were really menacing. Standout performances in their respective seasons.

I did have my issues with it though

1) This was really just a typical cop show. Standard cinematography for the most part, typical tropes and writing (especially in the first season), all that stuff. It did nothing super exceptional except for maybe flesh out the dynamic between Boyd and Raylan, and have solid season long stories. It could have leaned hard on its influences from the western genre and gone full tilt with that but it didn’t (there was only one gun duel in the show and that was disappointing).

2) The ending. Had all the elements that I want in my sappy series finales. But there were a bunch of holes in it that didn’t quite make sense to me (How in gods name did Raylan let Wynona slip away and get snagged by another dude, yet they made up and were gonna be together earlier? How did Boyd fall for shitty photocopies and photoshop jobs and believe that Ava was dead?)

Overall, this was above average, but didn’t quite make the leap into being truly great. If you want a cop show that’s smarter than your average fare, give this a shot. Pretty good, but far from great.

7 out of 10

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