Schlock, Shock, and Taboo Review: I Am Here….Now (2009)

So just before my friend went away, me and her got together, got properly drunk and watched Neil Breen’s I Am Here….Now.

I Am Here….Now tells the “””story””” of an alien techno god that comes down to Earth to judge the human race. Observing political corruption, gang violence, and general misconduct, he tries to do as much good as he can before leaving.

An incredible film. A brilliant, philosophical masterpiece.

I’m kidding, this film was nonsense. But if I actually had to say something nice about it, I would say that it is mildy more coherent than his other movies. But it was still fucking stupid.

A script that was so philosophically charged and still managed to say absolutely nothing of worth..

Characters that had the depth of a kiddie pool and acting that was so bad they conveyed no sort of convincing emotion.

Social commentary with the subtlety of an atomic bomb and the intelligence of a 3rd grader.

The constant, lazy reuse of footage and general incompetent film making.

Laughably cheap special effects

Neil Breen is a delusional lunatic. His constant insistence that he is the supreme moral authority in all of his movies, and that he is in control of our fate is kind of worrying and says alot about him as a human being.

Overall, this is another work of sheer Breenious. A man so divorced from reality that it’s kind of concerning at this point. #eyesonbreen

Neil Breen out of Neil Breen (Probably a 1 or a 1.5)

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