The Lobster Film Review (2015)

So I just finished watching Yorgos Lanthimos’s debut feature film, The Lobster…

The Lobster tells the story of David, an architect who lives in a dystopian world where single people are carted off to a hotel where they must find a mate or be turned into an animal. After finding a mate, who then attempts to turn him in and get him transformed for lying, he escapes the hotel and joins a pack of people known as the loners. There, he meets a woman, who is also the narrator of the story, and they proceed to fall in love and make plans to start a life together, but must first contend with not only the hotel goers, but also the rules of the loners.

Yorgos came out swinging on his debut, and scored big. An incredibly unique, hilarious, and subversive take on the romantic comedy genre.

Good script, great characters and performances (Colin Farrell was excellent as David and reads makes Yorgos’ odd dialogue work so well), great cinematography and editing, amazing score, interesting discussion of themes, etc.

He tackles so much in this movie and manages to make some interesting statements. About the dangers of loveless relationships, of totalitarian societies and disenfranchised people. Yorgos delivered these ideas through all his usual anachronistic, and weird traits as a film maker.

However, the second part of this movie (when David leaves the hotel and joins the loners) was considerably…weaker than the first part. Don’t get me wrong, he manages to wrap what he has to say up in a nice little bow, but I found myself slightly uninterested with what was going on compared to the beginning.

Overall though, this is Yorgos being Yorgos. While his later films would greatly improve upon all the ideas presented here, his baseline is still worth your time. Recommended.

8 out of 10

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