Moonrise Kingdom Film Review (2012)

So I just finished watching Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom…

This film tells the story of two kids named Sam and Suzy, both from dysfunctional homes, who decide to run away and live in the woods together. During this time, they fall madly in love, but eventually are found by the police, the boy scouts, and Suzy’s parents. Eventually, Suzy and Sam manage to run away again, leading to another chase and their lives changing forever.

Wes Anderson does it again. A charming, unique, and interesting adventure tale.

Great script, great characters and performances (Jared Gilman and Kara Hayword were amazing as Sam and Suzy, and Edward Norton was fantastic as the scout master), amazing cinematography and editing, brilliant score, great mastery of tone, etc.

Wes Anderson’s framing of shots is absolutely unparalleled. So perfectly centered and focused and visually stimulating, they invite you to take in every intricacy and detail of the image being presented. Further, the film’s tone was so well balanced. It can be dryly funny and cute at one moment, then hit you with something serious and dark, but still maintain a sense of wonder.

While it isn’t anything thought provoking, this film is an amazing display of technical prowess and witty writing. Not Anderson’s best, but definitely one in a long line of creative and masterful works. Highly recommended.

9.5 out of 10

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