Avengers Endgame Film Review (2019) *SPOILERS CONTAINED*

So I just got back from seeing the culmination of 11 years and 20+ other films, that being Avengers: Endgame…

Endgame starts right after Thanos snapped half of life away from the universe. The Avengers then track down and find Thanos on a ranch in the far reaches of space and kill him. Five years later, everyone has moved on and is living their own life, but Scott Lang (Ant Man), after spending hours in the microverse, finds his way back, unaware of Thanos’ genocide. He then tracks down The Avengers and they concoct a plan to travel back in time to specific instances, collect the Infinity Stones, and undo the events of Infinity War, leading to unforseen consequences and a battle to end all battles.

A satisfying and grand finale to one of the biggest film experiments of all time. A hell of a send off for Robert Downey Jr and the gang.

Really good script, great characters and performances (Downey Jr brought his A game as Iron Man, and every other cast member was on point), good cinematography and editing, great special effects, some interesting issues discussed, etc.

It warmed my heart seeing everything wrapped up in a nice, tidy, and neat looking bow. All the characters got their ending and their new beginning. Cap got his dance, Thor redeemed himself and is now a Guardian of the Galaxy, Hulk has now balanced the big guy and his human side (a thing from the comics I was surprised that they did), and of course, Iron Man, the one that started it all, sacrificing himself and dusting Thanos and his army from the face of existence. They raised stakes, they paid things off, they brought up things from the other movies that I didn’t think I would see again…it was a grand spectacle and a reminder of just how big this project has become, and they sent this first stage off in a great way, and they pulled it off with great performances and good film making.

However, there a few instances, compounded together, that really bog the film down:

Firstly, a couple of the jokes really undercut some of the tension in certain scenes. The scene where Rocket says “BOO!” when they assembled the gems into Iron Man’s glove was really dumb.

Secondly, the scene where Hawkeye and Black Widow fought over who was sacrificing each other went on for a tad too long. If Widow had just kneed him in the dick and jumped, the point would have been made and it would have been more effective.

Thirdly, the girl power scene at the end battle was hammy and dumb. Sure, they avoided catastrophe and had Iron Man ultimately save the day, but they really telegraphed their hand in that sequence, and I’m beginning to worry that the bad parts of Marvel’s modern comics are gonna seep into the movies more vociferously now.

Overall, this was a really good movie. Marvel rests on their laurels a bit too much these days, they don’t do many interesting or good things with their movies, but when it’s go time, they know how to pull it off. Endgame pulled it off well, despite its issues. If you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll love it. If you’re a general movie person who doesn’t particularly care for the superhero stuff, this is one of the capeshit films you’ll probably get a kick out off. Recommended.

8.5 out of 10

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