Under the Silver Lake Film Review (2019)

So I finally got a chance to see the film Under the Silver Lake…

Under the Silver Lake tells the story of Sam. Sam meets a woman one night at his apartment, and they hang out. The next day, the woman has vanished and is nowhere to be found. Sam then starts searching around L.A. to find this woman, and begins to uncover a vast conspiracy among the Hollywood elite.

This film was a trip. A unique, hilarious, and fantastic mystery about the superficial and shallow world of Los Angeles.

Great script, great characters and performances (Andrew Garfield was amazing as Sam), beautiful cinematography and editing, interesting philosophy, great sense of humor, etc.

This film was clearly a passion project for David Robert Mitchell. The amount of thought and care that went into everything was astounding. The framing, similar to It Follows, was tight and precise, and the script was so packed with intelligent dialogue and ideas. Most everything was paid off, and was set up with painstaking intent.

However, the reason I say most everything is because one or two subplots do not get resolved. While I believe that was the point, I still found it to be a bit of a distraction. I wanted to know who the dog killer was.

Overall though, this is an amazing film. David Robert Mitchell managed to top It Follows, and he did it with ambition, vision, and amazing film making. Highly recommended.

9.5 out of 10

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