Paddleton Film Review (2019)

So I just finished watching a Netflix original entitled Paddleton…

Paddleton tells the story of Michael and Andy, a pair of neighbours and friends. When Michael gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, Michael decides that he wants to end his life before the pain of cancer takes hold, and he asks Andy to help him. Andy agrees, and the two go on a road trip to acquire the drugs necessary for a painless death, and learn about each other and life in the process.

Cute little character piece. Very charming movie about friendship.

Good script, good characters and performances (Mark Duplass and Ray Romano had great chemistry as Mike and Andy), decent cinematography, great score, etc.

Romano and Duplass were the highlights of this movie. They had a very natural back and forth between each other, and it made the characters seem human and natural. A little too sitcom like when it’s trying to be funny, but when it’s trying to be serious and develop these characters, it is spot on.

Overall, this is a solid movie. Nothing spectacular, but those Duplass brothers always have their hands in interesting projects, and this was one of them. Give it a go, especially if you like Ray Romano.

7 out of 10

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