Her Smell Film Review (2019)

So I just got back from seeing a film entitled Her Smell…

Her Smell tells the story of a formerly superstar band called Something She, fronted by Becky Something. In the current day, Something She has become an afterthought, and are playing clubs when they used to play arenas. When Becky’s behaviour becomes erratic and her addiction issues out of control, the band starts to implode, and Becky must pick up the pieces of her life and redeem herself.

I really enjoyed this movie. A hell of a rock and roll redemption story.

Good script, great characters and performances (Elisabeth Moss was absolutely stunning as Becky Something), good cinematography and editing, great soundtrack and score, etc.

The scene construction and structure, while challenging, really helps create this interesting atmosphere. These long scenes with many long shots and takes really create tension and help show just how damaged and down in a hole Becky is. Couple that with the droning, noisy score and it creates something incredibly raw and real.

However, I did have one MASSIVE gripe, and that was the sound mixing. Sometimes it was fine, but other times, the score was so overbearing that it overpowered the character’s dialogue. If the soundtrack were mixed lower, so as to compliment it, I would have loved it.

Overall though, I was a big fan of this movie. A rock and roll movie that’s hard edged, but has heart, technical issues aside. Recommended.

8 out of 10

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