The Green Inferno Film Review (2013)

So I just finished watching Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno…

The Green Inferno tells the story of Justine, a college student who joins an activist group who plan a stunt at a construction site in the Amazon Rain Forest. When they get there, the stunt goes according to plan, much to the chagrin of Justine, who was used as bait for the paramilitary group. However, their plane crashes on the way home, and they are kidnapped by the local indigenous people, and they must escape while learning the truth about why they came.

Very interesting movie about the dishonest nature of charities and activism.

Decent script, decent characters, good cinematography and editing, phenomenal gore effects, great set design and make up, very strong satirical elements, etc.

Eli Roth is strong with satire. He has very strong opinions and he very clearly lets them shine through with this movie. Through the revelation of certain ulterior motives and character interactions, we are treated to a very stark and often hilarious piss take on how charities are not as virtuous as they seem, and that young activists are all just sanctimonious goons either there to get laid or stroke their ego.

However, this could have all been helped by some stronger acting. All the acting from the main cast (the indigenous people were all great in their roles) ranged from mediocre and inoffensive, to downright bad. Really bogged the movie down.

Overall, this was still a solid little movie. I haven’t seen a movie of his that I’ve been in love with yet, but all I’ve seen of him has been perfectly good and this was no exception. Give it a go if like more satirical or comedic horror movies.

7 out of 10

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