Brightburn Film Review (2019)

So I just got back from seeing Brightburn…

Brightburn tells the story of Brandon Breyer, the son of Tori and Kyle Breyer. When Brandon starts to develop superhuman abilities, and starts acting out, his parents try to sort through these issues, and continue to keep their son’s alien heritage a secret from him. When he discovers where he is from, Brandon starts to go on a rampage throughout the town, murdering everyone that gets in the way of his goal to “take the world”.

Great idea. Weak execution. Middling affair of a film.

Let’s start with what worked. Passable script, decent characters and performances (Jackson Dunn gave an alright performance as Brandon/Evil Superman), passable cinematography and editing, some alright, gore effects, etc.

The film clipped along at a nice pace, everything moved along nicely and it was a fairly painless hour and a half. The concept of a Superman maddened by his power made for some creepy moments in this movie, and these were enhanced by Jackson Dunn’s performance.

But that’s about all I liked.

Firstly, I found the film, as a whole, to be rather bland. Stock standard cinematography and editing that did its job and nothing else, a predictable script that made sense but wasn’t all that interesting. Aside from a couple decent gore effects showcases, and a couple neat shots near the glowing red ship, I was not impressed by anything in this movie.

Secondly, and this one is just me, they missed some opportunities to really play with this concept more. Since this Superman-esque being is pretty much a god, it doesn’t matter if they can punch or hit harder than he can. What I would have liked to have seen, even for a few moments, was Brandon’s mom or dad trying to appeal to this kid’s sense of right and wrong. They should have tried to convince him that his powers were a gift and he could use them to help people. One appeal to that sense of justice, I would have felt like they had tried to play with this idea more, but they didn’t do that.

Overall, this was kind of a waste of a concept. It wasn’t completely terrible, as it was serviceable and amusing, but it wasn’t spectacular. See it if you want, but you’re not missing much if you don’t.

5.5 out of 10

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