The Perfection Film Review (2019)

So I just finished watching a new film on Netflix entitled The Perfection…

The Perfection tells the story of two cellists named Charlotte and Lizze, both of whom were star pupils at a prestigious music academy run by a man named Anton. When a trip to the outskirts of China goes haywire, both girls must then come to the realization that this academy is not what it seems.

This movie is brutal. A terrifying thriller full of twists and turns.

Good script, good characters and performances (Allison Williams and Logan Browning were excellent as Lizzie and Charlotte, and Steven Weber was so creepy as Anton), good cinematography and editing, fantastic gore effects, good use of imagery, etc.

This film is just so tight with its writing. All the plot twists are set up so well, and while some of them are quite predictable, the writers manage to subvert those expectations. I saw from a mile away that Charlotte was gonna poison Lizzie, but why she did it was incredibly surprising, and really clever.

However, I did find much of the final confrontation between Anton and the girls to be a little…blunt. The execution of it all, from the hammy dialogue to the shitty rap music, it came off as very sleazy, and it was incredibly jarring considering how (relatively speaking) mannered and tasteful the rest of the film was. The final image after that fight scene was incredibly well done though and the film redeemed itself through that.

Overall, this was a hell of a film. This thriller is gory, exciting, and full of clever writing. Recommended.

8.5 out of 10

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