Deadwood The Movie Film Review (2019)

So I just finished watching Deadwood The Movie…

This film, acting as a series finale for the television series, picks up with the main cast of characters in 1889, when South Dakota officially became a state. With George Hearst now in the senate, he plans on buying land acquired by Charlie Utter, but with Charlie not budging, Hearst orders him killed. Bullock, a dying Al Swearengen, and the rest of Deadwood’s inhabitants must try and stop Hearst from expanding his influence and put him in jail for good.

It was good. It was a pleasant, well done end to one of my favourite shows of all time.

Good script, great characters and performances (Ian McShane is in top form as Swearangen, and the rest of this fantastic cast brings their A game), good cinematography and editing, great score, amazing set and costume design, etc.

All of what I loved about Deadwood is here in this film. The brilliant dialogue that’s both poetic, intelligent, and quippy as all hell, the amazing world that this show has built, and last but not least, the rich and dynamic characters. Every character got a satisfying and incredibly well thought out end. It wrapped everything up in a nice bow.

However, I have a couple complaints. Firstly, the first 10 to 20 minutes of this movie was transparent fan service and it really bugged me. If it was a bit more subtle with reintroducing everyone to this world and having these characters interact, I would be more on board.

Secondly, it felt really low key and I really didn’t expect that. All this hype, and it just felt like another episode of the show. I was expecting more of a grander experience. I guess the term “movie” really got my hopes up. I’m not pissed or anything about that, but I guess I’m slightly disappointed.

Overall, this is a good end to a brilliant show. Nothing too glamorous, and it got a bit fanboy tier with the beginning, but I for sure am gonna revisit this show, and the movie, sooner rather than later. Recommended for Deadwood fans.

7.5 out of 10 (Maybe an 8 once I rewatch the show. Maybe)

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