Godzilla: King of the Monsters Film Review (2019)

So I just got back from seeing Godzilla: King of the Monsters…

This film picks up 5 years after the 2014 Godzilla ended, with the Russell family having managed to move on after their son’s death. When Mrs. Russell manages to awaken Mothra in one of the Monarch Corporation’s underground lab using a device known as the Orca, a group of terrorists attack the facility and take her and her daughter Madison hostage. All while this is happening, Mr Russell has been recruited by the military to foil the terrorists plot, but eventually learns that his wife was behind the terrorist plot, and unleashes King Ghidorah on the world in order to cleanse it of humanity. Having no other options left, Mr Russell and the rest of the crew must try to control the one thing Russell swore to destroy in order to stop Geedorah and the rest of the monsters from destroying the world: Godzilla.

It was…alright. It was fun when it was, and not so fun when it wasn’t.

Passable script, decent characters and performances (Millie Bobby Brown was good as the young Madison Russell, and Kyle Chandler was good as Mr Russell), amazing special effects and monster designs, good score, etc.

When this film got to the sweet, delicious monster fighting, this film was fucking spectacular. All the monsters looked incredible and this pounding, epic score brought these chaotic, destructive fight scenes to life. It was truly epic, and I’m not using that word lightly.

However, alot of the other stuff was…not as sweet or delicious.

Firstly, the major problem with this film was that it took itself too seriously. Dare I say it, the film may have had its head up its own ass. The villains were really weak and cliche, and were peddling this overdone tripe about humanity being the monster. The film spent way too much time philosophizing through these moral situations involving the mother character, and should have used that time to show Godzilla smashing the shit out of things.

Secondly, the plot stuff regarding Millie Bobby Brown’s character in the third act or so made no fucking sense. How did she get out of that base with the Orca undetected? How did she get to Fenway Park? How did she survive a giant slab of concrete slamming against her back? The rest of the script managed to keep itself from falling apart, but the Madison stuff near the end of the film was just so inexcusably stupid.

Overall, this was an acceptably entertaining movie. Had its moments of greatness, but those moments were few and far between. See it if you’re a Godzilla fan and have been liking the Monsterverse stuff I suppose, but I’d sooner throw on Kong Skull Island again than rewatch this. Here’s hoping Godzilla vs King Kong is more on point.

5.5 out of 10 (Maybe a 6 but that would be a big stretch)

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