Dark Phoenix Film Review (2019)

So I just got back from seeing X Men: Dark Phoenix…

Dark Phoenix takes place in the 90s, with the X-Men being hailed as heroes after saving a crew of astronauts from their crumbling spaceship. However, Jean Grey was bombarded by a strange radiation out in space and her powers become amplified. While this happens, an alien race comes to Earth and starts their plan of taking over the world. Sensing the power of Jean Grey, the aliens try to get her to join their side, but fail, and the X Men and Magneto must try to mend differences amongst each other and fix their issues before the aliens win.

So…there were 5 people in the theatre when I saw it. I knew this film was bombing at the box office, but holy shit. But this movie is perfectly fine. Flawed for sure, but an entertaining action movie.

Okay script, passable characters and performances (Sophie Turner was okay as Jean Grey/The Dark Phoenix; James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender were great as always as Professor X and Magneto), good cinematography and editing, great score, etc.

On a broad scale, the movie worked well enough. It clipped along nicely, the overall story arc made sense, and some of the action was god damn amazing. I marked the fuck out when Nightcrawler started murdering everyone and he dropped someone in front of a moving train. That was based.

However, there are some noticeable flaws with this movie.

Firstly, Professor X. Like, he was an absolute cunt in this movie. This character in no way did anything that made it seem like he was a good human being. He lied to a little girl saying her parents were dead, he exploits these people for political points, he does nothing to really redeem any of this. He’s just an ass, and for the past few movies, he’s been an okay dude. What happened?

EDIT: It’s not that I think the film is super bloated, it’s that they under develop certain elements of the Phoenix Saga story. The enemies are not The Brood apparently, but a race of aliens that Jean Grey destroyed in the comics. It would have been niced if they touched on the fact that Jean Grey turned into a planet buster and pissed off a bunch of aliens.

Overall, despite this movie being dime repellent, this is some okay capeshit with some great action. If you’re an X Men fan and wanna see an ending to these characters, give it a go. But this is far from the best one of these movies I’d say.

6 out of 10

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