Spider-Man: Far From Home Film Review (2019)

So I just got back from seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home…

Far From Home picks up a short time after the events of Endgame, with Peter Parker going on a class field trip to Europe, with hopes of wooing Mary Jane Watson (MJ). However, during this field trip, Hydro Man attacks them. As Spider-Man scrambles to help, a new hero by the name of Mysterio comes in to save the day. After meeting with Nick Fury and Mysterio and being briefed on their mission, Spider-Man must then try to balance his personal and superhero life in order to find out what is truly going on and save the day.

Another solid and pleasant Marvel outing, and a decent Spider-Man movie.

Decent script, good characters and performances (Tom Holland is a decent as Peter Parker and Spider-Man; and Jake Gyllenhaal, once he gets going, is incredibly entertaining as Mysterio), serviceable cinematography and editing, neat special effects and visuals, etc.

I could see alot of Raimi seeping through the cracks. All those Mysterio sections with those creepy illusions just screamed Evil Dead, and screamed Spider-Man 2. Plus, I appreciated how they were trying to tackle one of the themes that makes Spider-Man so great, and that’s responsibility. Watching Peter try to balance those two sections of his life in order to not alienate MJ (as cringe as some of that was), and trying to deal with the weight of being Tony Stark’s spiritual successor was all quite compelling.

However, along with being another middle of the road, unspecial Marvel film with all of those key elements that keep the capeshit lovers happy (quippy dialogue and same sense of humor, same shot composition style and look as the other movies), the first act of this movie takes quite awhile to get through and is a bit of a slog.

Some of it was really corny, slow, and even badly written, and once Mysterio became a bad guy and the actual plot started, I was so relieved. Dealing with all the high school drama was so painful. Sure, you could argue Spider-Man 1 was just as bad for it, but that was saved by how campy it was, and how charming Tugboat is. If they had just shaved a little bit off of the first act in Far From Home, this film would have been better.

Overall, I appreciated what this was trying to do. It was alot more ambitious and focused than Homecoming. It’s no Raimi movie (no Spidey flick ever will be again), but it was nice attempt at something interesting. If you’re a capeshit fanatic, or a huge Spidey fan, give this a go.

6.5 out of 10 (Maybe a 7 if I’m generous)

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